We translate into German from English, French, Dutch and Chinese. We are especially aware of the peculiarities and the cultural subtleties of language transfer. Moreover, we are convinced that a good translation requires perfect mastery of one’s native language, and that the result should be nothing less than a very good text.

We also subtitle films for TV, cinema and DVD production.

We also do proofreading and editing – ensuring that our clients’ texts are orthographically correct, stylistically appropriate and a pleasure to read.

We gladly accept orders for other subjects in cultural and academic areas or that of developmental policy.

As language and cultural researchers, we are always aware of the cultural, societal and political effects of language in our work.

About us

Janna Düringer has studied and worked in Berlin since 2004, with degrees in British and American studies and European ethnology. She is now a full-time translator and editor. She has lived in London and also spent a great deal of time in the Netherlands. At Pingpong she translates from English and Dutch into German, and proofreads and edits texts.

Katrin Meyberg studied British and American studies, French studies and European ethnology in Berlin and Strasbourg, France. She has been working as a translator and subtitle writer/tech since 2003. She has spent many years in Taipei and Hong Kong. At Pingpong she translates from English and French as well as Chinese into German. She is also our subtitler.


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